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New Mastercam X4Toolpath Refinement Produces Finer Finish

By DE Editors

New Mastercam X4Toolpath Refinement Produces Finer Finish

CNC Software’s latest release, Mastercam X4, provides expanded machining flexibility and an increased emphasis on speed and automation. It also introduces 3D surface toolpath refinement, a new technique that delivers a finer finish on complex parts.

Many multisurface toolpaths are made up of small linear moves that are within a part’s machining tolerance. Visual marks or faceting can sometimes result when these small linear moves line up, and the tool changes direction in a similar spot on each pass as the toolpath progresses.

Mastercam’s 3D surface toolpath refinement solves this issue by redistributing the points where the tool changes direction to avoid marks and faceting. The refinement is done within whatever machining tolerance is set by the user. The result is a smoother finish, reducing or eliminating the need for hand polishing.

For more information, visit CNC Software.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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