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Nastran FEA Toolset Comes with MCAD

By DE Editors

Nastran FEA Toolset Comes with MCAD
NEi Fusion Designer offers assemby contact analyses.

NEi Fusion Designer combines Nastran-based FEA (finite element analysis) solvers and SolidWorks MCAD to create an analysis/simulation toolset suitable for use in all product development phases, including concept and design validation, trade-off studies, virtual testing, and quality assurance, according to developer NEi Software (Westminster, CA).

NEi Fusion Designer is designed for small- to mid-sized businesses and individuals who need to leverage FEA in their product development process but, whatever the reasons, do not need the expense, power or complexity of a high-end analysis solution. Still, NEi Fusion offers users the most widely used and needed analysis capabilities, such as linear statics, steady state heat transfer, modal, buckling, and prestress as well as the capacity to handle composite material analysis, assemblies with contact, and optimization. Miscellaneous capabilities include full load and boundary condition control; support for isotropic and orthotropic materials; customizable and HTML-formatted reports; user-defined and automatic meshing; and assembly connectors for welded and linear contact as well as thermal contact resistance.

Nastran FEA Toolset Comes with MCAD
An example of linear statics analysis in NEi Fusion Designer.

NEi Fusion’s fully associative, SolidWorks-powered 3D solid modeling capabilities provide single-window integration between modeling and analysis. Part modeling functionalities include in-place editing; extrudes, revolves, feature patterns, and holes; shelling, and multi-body support; and trimming, extending, filleting, and knitting surfaces. Some of the assembly modeling capabilities are dynamic assembly visualization, the ability to design within the context of an assembly, support for multiple subassemblies, and a range of mating conditions with conflict diagnostics. NEi Fusion’s native SolidWorks functionality can be extended with native, bidirectional file translators for most major MCAD such as CATIA, Inventor, Pro/ENGINEER, ACIS, and Parasolid.

Nastran FEA Toolset Comes with MCAD
Steady State heat transfer analyses are possible with NEi Fusion Designer.

For a limited time, the company is offering NEi fusion Designer V1.4 for $2,495. A maintenance license, which includes all upgrades for the year, is available for $499. For complete details, visit NEi Software.

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