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Interactive 3D Document Toolset Upgraded

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Interactive 3D Document Toolset Upgraded

QuadriSpace Corp. (Allen, TX) recently announced the release of the 2011 version of its 3D product documentation software suite, QuadriSpace Document3D. A 3D communication toolset, QuadriSpace Document3D Suite can be used to create both hardcopy and sharable interactive 3D documents, illustrations, and animations from 3D CAD models. Key new and extended features introduced in the 2011 version of QuadriSpace Document3 include linked text boxes, a new a material library, and new tools for importing parts lists.

The company describes QuadriSpace as offering a desktop solution with results usually accomplished only with expensive server-based solutions. QuadriSpace Document3D is said to provide a seamless migration path from printed to electronic documentation since documents can be published to hard copy, interactive, or web formats.

The software is said to be easy to use in part because of an automation feature called Smart Template Technology. A template-based methodology for page layout, Smart Templates reportedly can insert isolated views of all parts in a BOM automatically. The result can then be used to create multiple pages of information or graphical step-by-step instructions from exploded views.

The new Linked Text Box functionality in version 2011 enables document authors to flow text from one text box to another. This capability also allows tables and other data to be linked to text boxes that can be placed in other areas of a document page or on other pages in a document. The software’s new material library is said to offer such textures as metals, plastics, and woods. The material library also supports the creation and management of custom libraries of materials. Complementing the new material library in version 2011 are new high-quality rendering capabilities, including improved lighting, a set of new shader-based effects, and new effects for selected objects in the 3D scene.

Interactive 3D Document Toolset Upgraded

Version 2011′s new tools for importing parts lists from Microsoft Excel make it easy to update parts lists, according to the company. These tools also let you associate data in the current QuadriSpace file with the newly imported parts lists data.

Ground planes are also new in QuadriSpace Document3D Suite 2011. Ground planes support textures, reflections, shadows, and the like. With a ground plane, explains the company, you can mock up scenarios to graphically show your 3D model in a real-world scenario.

Interactive 3D Document Toolset Upgraded

Other new features and enhancements in version 2011 include improvements to the Illustration Ribbon, UNICODE support, and an improved Metadata Panel said to make it easy to view or edit metadata fields associated with parts, exploded view steps, or illustrations.

Interactive 3D Document Toolset Upgraded

QuadriSpace Document3D Suite is comprised of two, stand-alone applications: Pages3D and Publisher3D. Pages3D is a document authoring toolkit for creating multiple-page documents out of 3D models, 2D drawings, parts lists, and formatted text. Publisher3D is a technical illustration and animation creation program. A free, downloadable reader is also available for downstream collaborators.

Interactive 3D Document Toolset Upgraded

QuadriSpace Document3D Suite does not require special translators, 3D tools, 2D CAD tools, image processing, and word processing programs to create documents. Document3D Suite Professional 2011 costs $2,999. Individual module and network license pricing are available. For further details, go to QuadriSpace Corp.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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