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Geomagic Studio 10X Speeds CAD-Ready Surfaces from 3D Scan Data

By DE Editors

Geomagic Studio 10x creates “perfectly” sharp edges, easing manipulation downstream in CAD.


Geomagic (Research Triangle Park, NC) announced a new version of Geomagic Studio that adds surface manipulation capabilities to its Fashion module while improving performance for point and polygon processing tools.

The Geomagic Fashion module in Geomagic Studio 10x automatically identifies, analyzes, and corrects imperfections in scan data to create high-quality geometric and freeform surfaces that can be further manipulated in CAD. This reduces the time required to bring physical forms into the digital realm for mechanical design applications such as new design and reverse engineering.

New features in Geomagic Studio 10x include a registration algorithm, a decimation algorithm, and surface manipulation capabilities.

Enhancements to Geomagic Fashion include constrained surface-fitting capabilities for aligning surfaces and correcting imperfections in the as-built model or scan data; automatic surface extension and trimming capabilities for creating sharp edges between neighboring surfaces, thereby making edges and surfaces faster and easier to manipulate downstream in CAD; and advanced tools that enable users to exclude regions of a mesh that deviate from the desired surface classification, resulting in a more accurate representation of the digitized part.

Geomagic Studio 10x also improves performance and quality of point and polygon processing. Since Geomagic Studio 10x with Geomagic Fashion speeds, automates, and simplifies the workflow of transforming scan data, its capabilities make it a suitable complement to design tools such as Autodesk AliasStudio.

Geomagic Studio 10x comes in three editions to suit the needs of mechanical design and medical/scientific markets: Geomagic Studio – Fashion Edition, Geomagic Studio – Shape Edition, and Geomagic Studio – Complete Edition.

For details, go to Geomagic.

For previous DE coverage, see “New Geomagic Studio Targets Mechanical Design,” (Sept. 2008).

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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