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ESI Releases Virtual Performance Solution 2010

By DE Editors

ESI’s Virtual Performance Solution is scalable simulation software for multi-domain virtual product testing that enables the management of simulation scenarios. The Virtual Performance Solution provides engineers with both implicit and explicit solution schemes, which can then be leveraged to assess the performance of their designs early in the development process.

ESI Releases Virtual Performance Solution 2010

With the 2010 version of Virtual Performance Solution, ESI offers a multi-stage capability enabling multi-domain analysis with a single core model. This enables significant reduction in complexity vs. the effort of dealing with multiple solvers and workflow processes.

“With Virtual Performance Solution, we use one single-core model of a vehicle bonnet to perform stiffness analysis and pedestrian protection analysis,” says Eberhard Keim, CAE department manager at EDAG Ingolstadt. “Two simulation models for different load cases are no longer needed. Using a single core model allows us to perform faster design changes: giving us a competitive advantage. Furthermore, the calculation with the Implicit module is two times faster and uses less memory than what we used before.”

Version 2010 spans crash, impact and occupant safety analysis, motion and dynamics, strength and thermal analysis, as well as Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) analysis; all within a single package. NVH is new in Version 2010, allowing engineers to go beyond crash and safety analysis and solve linear harmonics, transient structural and acoustic problems in parallel.

“Virtual Performance Solution allows you to use a single compute model for multi-domain applications. Running both explicit and implicit solution schemes on a standard crash simulation hardware platform, you can significantly reduce not only the turnaround time but also IT costs. Benefits are not restricted to reduced global cost and project time; you can expect improved quality and happier customers,” says Peter Ullrich, virtual performance solution product manager at ESI Group.

For more information, visit ESI Group. Download the Virtual Performance Solution brochure.

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