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Editor’s Pick: Multiphysics Highlights ANSYS 14.5 Release

By Anthony J. Lockwood

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader:

ANSYS just released version 14.5 of its engineering simulation solutions. The amount of updates, improvements, and introductions across an engineering simulation ecosystem as vast as ANSYS defies quantification in a 400-plus-word message like this. Your relationship with ANSYS and HPC is the biggest news here. You two just got tighter.

The overall theme of ANSYS 14.5 is that since you are creating more complex and smarter products, you need to be more innovative and more efficient. The solution is that you need more multiple physics analysis capabilities and you need to harness HPC power to do it efficiently and cost-effectively. ANSYS 14.5 strives to give you both.

ANSYS Workbench offers more integrations and enhanced meshing and pre-processing, but the real key here is a new parametric HPC licensing model that makes robust design exploration more scalable and affordable. What the licensing model does is enlarge your individual application licenses so that you can execute combinations of multiple design points like pre-processing, meshing, solve, HPC, and post-processing simultaneously while using one set of license keys. Scalable means that you choose the parametric HPC pack that matches what you need to execute for your project, say four- or eight-way simultaneous execution of multiple products.

OK, now, a few other intriguing new things in version 14.5. ANSYS 14.5 introduces its first chip-package-system (CPS) design flow. This provides integrated analysis and verification of electronic chips, packages, and system designs. CPS design flow links ANSYS subsidiary Apache Design’s IC power analysis products to the ANSYS electromagnetic field simulation products. Other Apache Design integrations are now enabled as well.

Two-way coupling between fluid simulation in ANSYS Fluent and electromagnetic field simulation in ANSYS Maxwell is introduced in 14.5. Using the ANSYS Workbench platform to couple multiple physics models and this new feature will be a boon for those working with electromechanical devices like motors and transformers.

The ANSYS Simplorer multi-domain system simulator now integrates with the SCADE embedded software simulation suite from ANSYS subsidiary Esterel Technologies. This lets you simulate your power electronic and mechatronic systems’ embedded software with its hardware early in your design process. And ANSYS 14.5 also introduces ANSYS HFSS for ECAD design workflow. This means complex 3D HFSS electromagnetic field simulations for you.

There’s a whole lot more to learn about ANSYS 14.5, so, please hit the link at the end of today’s Pick of the Week write-up, scroll down a hair, then dig in through the link that’s your bailiwick such as fluid dynamics, high- or low-frequency electromagnetics, signal integrity, or structural mechanics. Make sure to watch the video on the new parametric HPC licensing model. It’s a set-up tutorial. Good stuff.

Thanks, Pal. — Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood
Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering

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