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Desktop Engineering Statement on "Editor’s Pick of the Week" Disclosures

By Steve Robbins

Recently, there have been online discussions relating to the nature and disclosures of Desktop Engineering’s (DE’s) "Editor’s Pick of the Week" e-newsletter. The dialogue required us to examine our practices and determine if and where process disclosures should be improved.

On examination, we have decided to increase the disclosures related to DE’s "Editor’s Pick-of-the-Week" newsletter. Beginning with the Sept. 22, 2010 issue, each newsletter will contain a clearly visible button that says "Sponsored Content "Click here to see how it works." This button will link to a web page that describes the product selection process and the sponsorship opportunities for "Editor’s Pick of the Week" e-newsletters.

The dialogue of the last few days has accented the important role that DE plays in the industry. We’re grateful for the loyalty of our readers and marketers, and confident in our ability to continuously improve our products and maintain your trust.

Steve Robbins
Editorial Director & CEO

About Steve Robbins

Steve Robbins is the former co-owner and publisher of Desktop Engineering.