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Check Out: Synergis Software "Engineering Document Management: 12 Problems You Can Solve in 3 Weeks" webcast

By Anthony J. Lockwood

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader:

My files are a mess. Even when I know where a nested folder with a needed file resides, I’ve learned it’s not safe to assume that the found document is the most current. Many engineering outfits handle their AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks, MS Office, and other important files like that. They rely on fallible humans to manage and control documents, and have avoided implementing an engineering document management (EDM) system because installing it takes too long and, like the guy smoking on a powder keg, so far so good.


Back in August, Synergis Software announced the availability of the 2011 version of its Adept EDM system. But that announcement is not the subject of today’s Check It Out webcast rebroadcast, although you should check out that announcement. The title of the webcast says it all: “Engineering Document Management: 12 Problems You Can Solve in 3 Weeks.”

“3 weeks” got your attention, eh? That is said to be the typical Adept installation–from training admins and users to importing legacy documents.

So, now that I have your attention, what are the problems solved? They range from securing, finding, naming, and sharing documents to audit control, ECO and data management, collaboration, publishing, even managing e-mail communications. Each problem introduced is followed by a short demo showing you how to leverage Adept to tame it.

One thing I liked about the problems is that they are real-world, almost ordinary, not some idealized situation. The demos, as well, are easy to follow. You can pick up on how to use Adept quickly.

The latter points bring up a couple of things I know about Synergis from years of covering them that come into play with Adept. The Adept EDM system was specified by engineers in the field who were in collaboration with its developers. Adept seems to operate as engineers operate, and the demos indicate that it is solid, easy-to-use technology.

“Engineering Document Management: 12 Problems You Can Solve in 3 Weeks” is a well-done webcast without a lot of flash or marketing hype. Which says something right there. EDM, unlike CAD or FEA, does not generate flashy images, yet it is as critical to your success as any application. “So far, so good” cuts it only as long as your luck holds out. Today could be your lucky day. Hit the link over there (registration free) and see what Adept could do for you.

Speaking of what Adept can do for you, Desktop Engineering, Synergis Software, and executives from SchuF Fetterolf will hold a webinar on October 13 to talk about how this international valve maker rolled out Adept across four continents, slashing production costs and time to market and unifying design data and processes while doing simultaneous engineering across several time zones. They also achieved 300% output without additional staff.

Thanks, pal. — Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood
Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering

Watch the “Engineering Document Management: 12 Problems You Can Solve in 3 Weeks” webcast.

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