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VI Replacing Stand-Alone Devices

Engineers and scientists around the globe are building their own measurement applications using a PC, plug-in data acquisition hardware, and application software rather than stand-alone box instruments.

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Circulation Quality_2

By DE Editors Circulation figures speak for themselves. Among computer magazines serving design engineers, Desktop Engineering has the cleanest, best-qualified ...

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Working With Our Editors

By DE Editors Editorial Opportunities in Desktop Engineering and Desktop Engineering Online Press Releases – Submit new product press releases ...

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Diatribes: Engineering’s Little Secret

This is the 100th issue of Desktop Engineering. And just like my recent 50th birthday, I wonder how we arrived here so fast. It seems that we just launched this publication and have only begun to explore the engineer's toolset.

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Choosing the Right PLM for Small Business

Quite often a small- or medium-sized business (SMB) that seeks to gain a competitive advantage will do so by improving its products. Looking toward technology to support that goal, decision makers often implement PLM...

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Element of Analysis – June 2004

First Edition Welcome to Desktop Engineering's Elements of Analysis, the first in a seriesof occasional supplements on topics of special interest to the design engineeringcommunity.Anthony J. Lockwood

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