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Check out these videos, papers and tools from Desktop Engineering’s advertising partners.

Design for Metal 3D Printing

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader: The press chronicles 3D printing with thermoplastics like a rock star. It should. It’s great stuff. But ...

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Building a Balanced Workstation

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader: Chapter 2 of “The Design Engineer’s High-Performance Computing Handbook” from Desktop Engineering in partnership with Intel is hot ...

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Designing for Moldability

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader: Are you an old hand at designing for injection molding or do you think that “shrink tolerance” means ...

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Optimize Sheet Metal Forming

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader: If you’re a do-bee in industries like automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, appliances and renewable resources, you likely know ...

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Part Reuse Made Practical

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader: As PLM (product lifecycle management) became widely deployed, design reuse was a pundit’s favorite promise. You don’t hear ...

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