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Steve Robbins is the former co-owner and publisher of Desktop Engineering.

Welcome to 2013

Processes you have thought were beyond your expertise will be available to you soon.

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Engineering Convergence

By Steve Robbins I’ve been traveling a lot recently, first to the Siemens CAE Symposium at the Joe Gibbs NASCAR ...

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The HPC Results Are In

By Steve Robbins Recently we surveyed you on your interest and use of high-performance computer (HPC) systems in engineering applications. ...

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800 MPH or 100 MPG

By Steve Robbins Americans have interesting relationships with their cars. My wife, for example, still has her 1985 Volkswagen Jetta ...

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DE is on the Case

By Steve Robbins Just a year ago, we reported on how multi-core workstations could be used to create a cluster. ...

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